For women 18 and over, we offer 3 programs giving oportunites to girls of all levels to train and compete.



Our teams compete in many tournaments and leagues around the Montreal area, notably LIVECoupe du Quebec and LVBM.SEASON 2019-2020

This is the information for the 2019-2020 season. We’re still preparing for the 2020-2021 season but most elements are likely to remain the same.

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Performance Team
Composed of our top players, this team aims to perform at the highest possible level and competes in the LIVE  ligue and at the Coupe du Québec

Training Schedule:
Wednesday 18h-20h @ William Hingston
Sunday 18h-20h @ William Hingston

Competitive Team
This team’s main objective is to train and compete in LIVE ligue.

Training Schedule:
Wednesday 18h-20h @ William Hingston
Sunday 18h-20h @ William Hingston


  • Tryouts: September 11th and 15th
  • Season : September 18th to May 24th
  • Holiday : December 20th to January 4th
  • No practice : April 12th, May 17th, Sundays of LIVE tournaments