Adults (over 18 years old)

2 programs are offered: competition teams (4 teams) and training groups (2 teams)

Competition Teams

Female and Male

  • Performance – AAA/AA level
  • Competitive – AA/A level


  • Presence to both weekly trainings, for the entire season and also to tournaments on th weekends.
  • Love competitions against opposing teams.
  • Accept healthy internal competition within the team as a driver of personal and collective improvement.
  • Have as an objective to progress and be open to insctructions and ready to follow a physical training program to protect against injury.

Schedules, training locations and registrations

Training Groups


  • Training: technical exercises and modified game situations with a focus on individual progression. Teaching of different game systems.
  • Coached matches: game with supervision to progress in a match situation.
  • Training + coached matches combo.


  • Level 1 : beginner / intermediate, having played in the park with friends or in high school several years ago
  • Level 2 : several years of practice, plays in tournaments regularly

Schedules, training locations and registrations


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Français or English ?

Everton is a multicultural club and everyone is invited to express themselves in whatever language he or she feels most comfortable in, whether it is the coaches or the players. Even though coaches may be less comfortable in one language than another, they make every effort to be understood by all and there will always be someone to translate if needed. We communicate mainly in French but we will be happy to answer you in English if you have a question.