What are the activities for me?

7-12 years old : Minivolley

Minivolley is an adaptation of volleyball that facilitates the integration of the set of technical movements of volleyball and allows a better understanding of the tactics of play. By allowing a second catch-throw contact, there are more sequences of play. complete, thus making the game more attractive. Players are more successful and build up the confidence to motivate them to participate in sport.


  • Mixed
  • 3rd to 6th grade
  • Open to everyvbody with or without experience
  • Level groups according to experience and numbers


The minivolley program aims to give young people a taste for volleyball and sport and encourage their perseverance.

  • All levels
  • Learn volleyball fundamentals while having fun
  • Introduction to competition

Schedule and registration

12-16 years-old – Competition Teams

The competition teams represent our club in many different tournaments.

For players that already have volleyball experience. To join a team, players are evaluated against other players based on their technical level, physical development, and attitude.

Age Categories

Female and male teams.

  • under 14 years old – secondary 1 and 2
  • under 16 years old – secondary 3 and 4
  • under 17 years old – secondary 5


  • Individual technical development
  • Learn to train and compete
  • Participation to tournaments

Schedule and training location

12-16 years old – Training Groups

Training sessions supervised by a coach, to develop individual technical skills and improve in game situations.

Open to everybody.


  • Training: technical exercises and modified game situations with a focus on individual progression. Learning of different game systems.
  • Coached matches: game with supervision to progress in a match situation.
  • Training + coatched matches combo.

Age Categories and Levels

  • Secondary 1 to 4
  • Beginners or having already played in physical education classes

Schedule, Location and Registrations

Français or English ?

Everton is a multicultural club and everyone is invited to express themselves in whatever language he or she feels most comfortable in, whether it is the coaches or the players. Even though coaches may be less comfortable in one language than another, they make every effort to be understood by all and there will always be someone to translate if needed. We communicate mainly in French but we will be happy to answer you in English if you have a question.

Other locations

Would you like us to open a program near you? It’s possible !