Sitting volleyball

Sitting volleyball in Montreal

We don’t hold regular practices anymore but you can follow the Facebook group Volleyball Assis Montreal to stay in touch with the latest news in the area.

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Sitting volleyball tournament – April 21st 2018 – Montreal

Everton and the LIVE league are co-hosting a tournament on Sunday, April 21st, 2018 at Cegep Edouard-Montpetit in Longueil, close to Montreal.

Everyone can participate and register a team, with or without disability!

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If you’d like to register but you have no sitting volleyball experience, we’ll be pleased to invite you to an initiation practice or come to your facility to hold a mini-clinic for your team.

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Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball is another version of volleyball. The players are seated at all times and the net height resembles that of a tennis net. The rules are otherwise similar to standing volleyball. Sitting volleyball is features at the Paralympics and Parapanamerican games

Video : London Olympic games

Main rule changes

Sitting volleyball is similar to standing volleyball except for the following rules:

– the players must have at least a part their body between hip and head against the floor at the moment of contact with the ball

– court dimensions: 10m x 6m (versus 18m x 9m)

– heigh of the net : 1,15m for men, 1,05m for women (versus 2,43m and 2,24m)

– the serve may be blocked

– only the position of the bassin couts. This means that we can serve with the legs inside the court (as long as the bassins is outside the service line).

Volleyball  players are of course more comfortable to play sitting volleyball, since the technique such as spiking, serving and blocking are fairly similar to conventionnal volleyball. However, one needs to adapt in certain domains, mainly for motionning across the court : there are techniques to move quickly that involve using the heels to push or pull while being seated. Abdominal strength is also a great advantage! Sitting volleyball is also much faster that conventional volleyball since the ball flies lower!

Who can play?

Our sessions are open to all! Young, old, men, women, physically disabled or not; all can play. In this regards, sitting is volleyball is a wonderful sport because it evens the playing field. It is just as difficult to play for someone who is physically disabled as for someone who is not.

It’s possible to get into many competitions such as USAV Open as a person without handicap or with handicap. Only participation to international competitions is restricted to athletes with a disability referenced in the official classification.

The World ParaVolley classification system is based on the loss of locomotor function as it applies to volleyball (sitting or standing). This covers amputees (or congenital abnormalities like amputees) as well as Les Autres (a French word meaning ‘the others’) which includes other musculoskeletal injuries / conditions, as well as many neurological conditions.

National teams

Canada has a women team and a men team. Both teams have competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The next meeting will be for the world championships in Netherlands, in July 15-22 2018.

Vidéo : USA vs Canada


World Paravolley :

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