Who are we?

Our club is a non-profit organisation and mainly run by vonlunteers.

Administrative Council

The Adiminstrative Council meets multiple times per year to take strategic decisions for the club. The administrators are elected for 2 year mandates during the club’s Annual General Assembly or they can be selected by the current council if a position is left vacant following election.

President: Matei Anghel
Team : Men’s Performance





 Cécile Darviot
Team : Women’s Competitive




Vice-President: Nadia Roca
Team : Women’s Performance




Treasurer: Joël Thomas-Lindsay
Team : Men’s Performance






Vice President: Morgan Le Garrec
Team : Men’s Competitive






A team of volunteers helps keep the club running on a daily basis.

General Director : Julie Guého
Team : Competitive Women
Responsabilities : logistics, club/new program development





Women’s Program Manager : Myriam Dion
Team : Competitive Women






Men’s Program Manager : Jérémie Pigeon
Team : Men’s Performance





Minivolley program manager at William-Hingston : Morgan Le Garrec
Team : Competitive Men







Merchandising : Charline Bonhomme
Team : Women’s Performance






Our club employs paid part-time staff to manage, supervise and coordinate certain key activities where substantial efforts and time are required.



Youth programs manager: Vanessa Lemercier