The club

We are a non-profit volleyball organization looking to redefine the idea of a quality amateur sports club in Canada, while having a positive impact on the community out of which we operate.  We want to help our member athletes develop in their sport as well as in their personal lives.  The Everton Volleyball Club is partnered with the “Association Sportive et Communautaire du Centre Sud” and the William-Hingston Center where we hold practices for our various volleyball programs and teams.

Club objectives:

  • Promote and offer volleyball programs.
  • Promote and offer competitive sport programs for all.
  • Inspire youth and families to practice amateur sports.
  • Build visibility at the local, provincial, national and international level.
  • Organise campaigns for charitable causes.



Our partners

Guillaume Guardia : pro video maker and former Everton player, Guillaume a directed and cut our two promo videos which we are really proud of! Contact him to make your projects look good! >> <<